August 31, 2005

Co latha breith sona dhut!

Our baby girl turned 3 on Monday. We took her to the Michigan Renaissance Festival on Saturday so she could get some fairy wings. And in keeping with the way our lives have gone recently, it rained while we were there and of course it was the only rain of the day. Since we had other plans for the afternoon, we spent most of our limited time under cover watching the rain. She did get to meet the queen and received a small "gift" from her.

Though Jillian is 3 she thinks that she is the same age as her sister (who is 5 going on 16) and as a result she doesn't seem to know any fear. If her sister can do it, then she can do it. And I love that about her. And I love her very much. Happy Birthday Silly Jilly (no Jillian Stieb as she likes to say )