March 26, 2007

I am NOT an army of one

Before the advent of the internet, I had what I thought was a somewhat uncommon last name (Stieb). If I ran into anyone new, who was a baseball/sports fan, the question always became "Are you related to Dave Stieb?"

My first name was also uncommon when I was a kid (Chad). You wouldn't know it now, but as a kid I could never find a cheap, plastic license plate with my name on it for my bike. My first name isn't all that uncommon now, but I was still under the mistaken impression that I was safe with my last name.

Boy was I wrong.

In talking to my wife, she asked me about some online petition/form that I had signed. It turned out that she had googled my name in a moment of spare time. I had some vague memory of what she was talking about and decided to google my own name to find the reference myself.

Since I don't have much of an online footprint (I don't think I even have a toe print) there aren't very many hits on my name. But I was really surprised to find out that I'm a GM service manager in Alberta Canada. Which is pretty good considering I don't know much about repairing cars.