March 21, 2007

A Stanger Among Us

This morning while doing the Early Morning Get Out of the House (come on we're late) Shuffle something clicked in my head and I started to tell my wife about a story I heard on NPR (yes I am old and when my 4 year old isn't in the car asking to listen to the CD that is this month's rotation of choice, I listen to NPR and Sports Talk Radio). She then made some comment that I interpreted as "go ahead and continue" which turned out to mean that she had heard the exact same story.

I then acted surprised by this fact (I just picture her listening to music when she is driving more than I picture her listening to talk radio). She then became offended that I would think that she doesn't listen to NPR and countered that she is my wife and I should "know" these things.

Of course this is the same person that orders chicken for me when I was meeting her, my mother-in-law and the kids for dinner at a steak restaurant. Chicken at a steak restaurant? She should definitely "know" to order me steak.