January 16, 2006

Viral Gastroenteritis

The stomach flu has made it's annual (semi-annual?) appearance at out house. For anyone with young kids, you know the annual ritual: everything is fine, then the puking starts and lasts for about a day, disappears for 1 to 2 days and then starts with the next victim. It appears that the sole purpose of this virus is to make some kind of annual migration. It's apparent that we are just a mode of transport for the virus , because whatever is ingested comes back out faster than it went in. There is no way that the virus is just hanging out poolside and drinking acidtini's. I just wish that Viral Gastroenteritis would find a nice suitable habitat and decide to stay (preferably not at our house).

PS To top it off, the dog tore into the garbage and now she is also throwing up.