February 21, 2006

On my honor, I will try:

My daughter (and because she is the troop leader: my wife) is now a brownie and part of the Girl Scouts. Sometime a month or so ago I was told that there was a daughter/dad camping weekend in February and would I want to take Ryan. My first thought was "in the winter?" and my second thought was "in the winter?". But it sounded fun and it was next month.

Before I new it, it was the beginning of February and time to go camping. Ryan was excited by it all week, whispering to me every chance that she could get (so her sister wouldn't hear and then a.) think she was going and b.) get upset when told that she wasn't going). And of course I didn't want to go. I left work early, but it had been a long week. It was cold and rainy, I was tired and I just wanted to throw on the sweats, turn on the fireplace (love the modern technology, why start a fire when you can just turn on a light switch) and veg in front of the TV. And though I try not to be around the kids (although if Ryan is any indication, it's too late), I'm not the most outgoing person in the world and spending the weekend at a camp, with the only person I know being my daughter, was kicking in all of my "anti-social" tendencies.

But being the good dad that I am, I sucked it in, loaded up the car and headed out into the rain. And I'm glad that I did.

to be continued........