March 12, 2006

To help people at all times,

We plop down on our mattresses and as I start to review the weekend itinerary, Ryan looks around and realizes that there isn't anyone that she knows. She starts to worry that she won't know anyone all weekend. I tell her that maybe there is someone she knows in the other cabin and that she will see them when we all meet at 7:00. Finally someone from her troop comes down the stairs and she gets excited and visibly relaxes. They wave and smile at each other, and then promptly pretend to ignore each other.

By then it's time to go upstairs. Upstairs everyone is milling around and no one is quite sure what to do. Finally we are told to make name tags. We then learn what the 3 different groups will be, what their kapers (jobs) will be and what the nights activities are. We break into 2 large circles and start to play a game where the person in the middle says something that they like and whomever likes the same thing runs
out into the middle and then back out. The last person out is then in the middle and it all starts over. After a little while, I tell Ryan that she will "have" to be the last one out and she starts grabbing my hand and hiding behind me. I tell her that I will go out with her and I see the look of panic in her eyes (a look that I know very well - see previous). I even tell her that I will go out and stand with her. But still no go and we are done before I can convince her otherwise.

We then break up into 3 groups and start to rotate among the different activities (storms - charades of a storm for everyone else to guess, smores and keep the ball from touching the ground. We then get the room ready for breakfast in the morning. We head downstairs to get ready for bead. It's late and Ryan has had a long day so I'm sure that she will fall asleep quickly. But I quickly realize that she is too excited to fall asleep. At about 10:30 she finally falls asleep. I close my book, roll over to watch her sleep for a couple of minutes and then close my eyes.

to be continued...